In the US where most people prefer to call themselves 'Democrats', only to make themselves look fashionable and cooler, Bree Van De Kamp had been a proud Republican. Marcia Cross, who played the housewife Bree Van De Kamp had brought a new kind of life to this proud, American woman, who never felt ashamed of being traditional and conservative, rather she brought new perspectives to the ideas and concept of being a Republican in her perfect self. 

Although Bree in her pearls, and perfect blouse, appeared to be an orthodox, conservative woman, she was way more modern than she was thought to be. She had an excellent quality of hiding her vulnerability with a smile and dignity since she never wanted to give people the satisfaction of being mortified. 

Marcia Cross

Kind, clever, and cunning when necessary 

Bree Van De Kamp had been overly concerned about having the perfect image of a suburban housewife in Westeria Lane. She baked the perfect pudding, the perfect cake and always had something healthy stored in her fridge. Bree had learned over the years during her days as a homemaker, a businesswoman, that while she may be kind and sympathetic, the world around her was full of liars and schemers. Be it a psycho pharmacist, or a rapist boyfriend of her daughter, Bree knew how to expose them all, and never make them come back to harm her again. She used her gun to scare off the rogues and pests, that disturbed her otherwise peaceful life in Westeria Lane. 

The trustworthy friend

Marcia Cross

All the women in the Westeria lane highly looked up at Bree, knowing too well that she can be the only woman who can be trusted with any kinds of responsibilities thrown at her even at the last moment. Even during her phase as a bad girl, when she dated her best friend Susan's ex-husband Carol, she had clarified her thoughts with her friend, after a moment of emotional, and slightly physical self-defense. 

In the final season, when her reputation was down on the ground with numerous legal cases, she kept her head high, and endured most of the embarrassing traumatic moments inside the courthouse only to protect her friend Gabriel Solice and her husband, Carolos Solice, knowing full well that they were non-guilty parents, who killed a rapist. As a reward for that, she found herself another husband, who supported her to join local politics, which later made her a successful conservative woman from Kentucky. 

Always perfect and never at a loss for words or solution 

Marcia Cross

Bree had the ability to keep calm even in the worst of situations. You can trust her while you are burying a body, knowing well that she can keep a secret as dark as that. Bree had been an intelligent woman who never was at a loss for words or muffins. She generated ideas to protect herself and her friends much like the way she cleaned her house. They were so neat and tidy that you wouldn't suspect a thing when you enter their zone. 

In the series, Desperate Housewives, Bree had not just excelled in the game of perfection inside the kitchen but in life overall. She abandoned Andrew when he acted like a brat, but that only taught him a lesson and made him a better person. She supported her daughter Danielle when she started making sex swings for a living. And all this while we thought of Bree Van De Kamp as an orthodox, conservative Republican!