There are few things in life that give one as much happiness as baking does. The sheer science involved in adding baking powder somehow impels your creativity to rise and bubble inside your head. One often sleeps with the feeling of having reached a life goal after baking a cake that has risen perfectly. 

If you feel motivated enough to reach that life goal, then take a look at some recipes from vlogger, Laura Vitaly. The young home cook, who moved to the US when she was all of 12, started her internet series titled, "Laura in the Kitchen" that has recipes from desserts and treats to pasta, salads and drinks.

On her birthday, 7 November, we celebrate the young vlogger by compiling a list of her best baking recipes that are easy,  decadent and  quite simply, comforting. 

Tiramisu cupcakes

This wonderful creation, gifted to us by the Italians is super easy. Espresso powder and cocoa combine to produce a cupcake that's light and fluffy with a chocolate after-taste. You could top it up with a frosting made from heavy whipping cream, sugar and chocolate chips. 

Confetti birthday cake recipe

This cake is a wonderful throwback to everyone's younger days and never fails to make people happy. This colourful and fun cake is layered with a lot of love (just kidding). Actually it's wrapped in layers of cream infused with vanilla, sugar and milk. And of course, confetti. 

Black Forest cake recipe

Black forest cake is an upgrade from a simple chocolate cake. This cake, invented by the Germans, has been revisited and recreated with Laura's skills. Her recipe for chocolate genois lends its lightness and airiness that's pretty much the texture required to make a black forest cake. 

Nutella Cookie Trifle dessert recipe

We secretly think Laura is obsessed with Nutella. Her blog consists of a million things one can do with the chocolate spread. Although the recipe's title may sound confusing, we assure you that it's super simple. All you need to do is warm nutella to loosen it a bit and top it on chocolate cookies dipped in milk. 

Chocolate Raspberry Tart recipe

This recipe is a delicious combination of decadent chocolate and fresh raspberries. The dense taste of chocolate is undercut by the sweetness of the fruit. And if you want a dessert that uplifts your mood, check out this recipe.