Kim Kardashian turns 35 today but age is just a number, or so it feels when one looks at Kim. The reality TV star looks quite flawless and although she is pregnant with her second baby, a boy, her style hasn't changed.

Kim has never shied away from looking her best even amidst swollen ankles, backaches and the rest of the changes one's body goes through during pregnancy. And on her 35th birthday we wonder what her husband has planned for her.

In a recent Q and A published on her website, Kim revealed that she has all of three birthday wishes. That is, to expand her family, give birth to her baby son and to get skinny. While there's little Kanye West can do to help materialise Kim's 35th birthday wishes, reports suggest that he has a surprise gift planned that would make her happy.

According to a recent news article, Kanye is gifting Kim a $5 million bra from Victoria's Secret. An insider said that Kanye has specially made the bejewelled bra for his wife.

"Kanye has really made buying gifts for his wife tough after the millions he's spent over the years on flowers, diamonds and $100k Birkin bags," the source told OK! Magazine.

The source said that Kanye was instrumental in designing the bra and added that Kim can wear it only after she's delivered the baby.  Perhaps this would be her second best birthday gift. In the Q and A, Kim revealed that her engagement ring is the best birthday gift she's ever received. 

Meanwhile, Kim was recently spotted on a dinner date with Kanye West sans daughter North West, in Hollywood. The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star headed out in a long figure hugging black dress and a diamond choker, reported Daily Mail