Kanan Gill is a name almost entire Internet-using individual of India knows. On the forefront of Indian stand-up comedy, Gill is known for his witty and sarcastic approach of elaborating on serious social subjects and current events.

Born in Bengaluru, Gill began his career as a software engineer, and loves doing comedy as a hobby.

However, after winning a competition called Punchline Bangalore and another one at the Comedy Store in Mumbai, he decided to start a full-time career as a comedian and quit his engineering job.

He went on to deliver a number of stand-up performances around the country. Soon, he gained popularity with the viral YouTube series Pretentious Movie Reviews, where he reviews critically panned Hindi movies along with fellow comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath.

Besides the Pretentious Reviews, Gill has also worked in sketch comedy show "The Living Room" on Comedy Central. He continues to perform in all the major and metro cities of the country.

As the renowned comedian and YouTuber celebrates his 26th birthday today, here are some of his most popular Pretentious Movie Reviews.