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If the English had to choose their favourite Butler on television, Jim Carter would snag the position without a doubt. Throughout the five seasons of "Downton Abbey", Jim Carter has portrayed the role of Mr Carson with dynamism.

The butler of Grantham estate is not only feared by his staff, but he is also respected, adored and loved by those who work with him. Even in real life, the actor speaks with the same sonorous voice that Carson does in "Downton Abbey."

There are many moments when Mr. Carson is depicted as the typical reserved, polite and straight-laced butler. But Carson does exhibit his sensitivity and love for Mrs. Hughes, Lady Mary, his job and for his employer, Lord Grantham. 

As Jim Carter turns 66 on 19 August, you could celebrate it by reminiscing Carson's best lines from "Downton Abbey".

Here's our list:

Mr.Carson on Being Liberal

The butler of Downton is affronted at the prospect of tarnishing his name with the "liberal" tag. He says, in a rare display of anger, "I've never been called a liberal in my life and I don't intend to start now!"

Mr Carson Plays with Sybie

Downton fans would know that Carson is not one for exhibiting any emotion. So when he finds Sybie crying, he holds her in his arms and lovingly takes her around the house. This display of love for young Sybie establishes him as the Lord Protector of Downton, after Lord Grantham, of course.

Mrs Hughes and Mr Carson Take a Dip in the Beach

Carson knows how to run a household, but is quite clueless about everything else. As he makes a trip to the beach with the rest of his staff in London, he is confused and scared as timid waves bounce off his feet. It takes his best friend and fiancĂ©e, Mrs Hughes to pull him out of his comfort zone, and Carson tells her, "You make it look quite risque." 

When Carson Asks Mary to Pull Herself Together

Lady Mary has only a few scenes with Carson, but when the two become central characters in a scene, their relationship is tinged with affection, vulnerability and protectiveness. It is Carson who tells Lady Mary to wake up to the land of the living when she mourns for Matthew. Later, Mary tells her beloved butler, ""I know I can always count on you to find a draft of self confidence, Carson." To which he says, "And you will always find one here."

Carson Proposes to Mrs Hughes

To be sure, Jim Carter has spoken about his relationship with Mrs Hughes in several interviews, and according to the actor, the engagement was in the offing. Nevertheless, Carson is very uncomfortable when he asks Mrs Hughes to marry him. He tells her, "Take your time to decide. But know that I' m not marrying anyone else," and his politeness gets the better of him. He finally asks her if she is offended. 

Carson's response to an Electric Toaster

The butler says, "Is it not enough that we are sheltering a dangerous revolutionary, Mrs. Hughes? Could you not have spared me that?"

Carson's conversation with a Telephone operator

We know Carson does not like change, and this character trait is evident when he uses the telephone at Downton.

Charles Carson: Hello. This is Mr. Carson the butler of Downton Abbey. To whom am I speaking?

Charles Carson: Ah, Mrs. Gaunt.

Operator: And what number do you want?

Charles Carson: No, I don't want to place a call.

Operator: What were you doing, then?

Charles Carson: I was practising my answer.

Operator: [mumbles]

Charles Carson: Well, I daresay a lot of the things you do sound stupid to other people!

Carson's Annoyance at Having a Maid Serve Dinner

Lord Grantham tries to persuade Carson by telling him worse things have happened in life, but the butler refuses to believe it. Carson says, "Not worse than a maid serving a duke. "

A Very Carson Christmas

If you haven't watched the video yet, you absolutely must. Carson, dressed in his finest, sings George Michael's "Last Christmas", Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies", so on and so forth in his long drawl.