The 1988 film Earth Girls Are Easy is a less-talked-about, entertaining, rock musical that stars Geena Davis as a Valley Girl and Jeff Goldblum as the space alien, Mac. Mac's spaceship crew had two sidekicks, Damon Wayans, and the other in orange and red attires was Wiploc, who was brought to screen by 27-year-old Jim Carrey. 

In one of the sequences of the film the three of them sit down on Valerie's sofa and within 30 seconds learn everything they could about human behaviour. Ironically enough, this shot holds a lot of truth about Jim's career as Hollywood comedian. 

Jim Carrey

Before he became one of the anti-Trump voices from Hollywood, Jim Carrey was paying extremely close attention to comedy. In his line of work, he switched from two poles of personality that made him the most popular comedian of the 1990s.  

From his most successful year in 1994 where he was seen in,  Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,The Mask, and Dumb & Dumber, to his Oscar-class performance as Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon in 1999, Jim Carrey has processed himself throughout to develop and re-develop himself to perfection. With his stylized physical acts and facial expressions of all kinds of human feelings, it's as if Hollywood studios (and the audience) knew that Carrey was a keeper. 

Carrey and the TV 

During his days as an apprentice Jim made his regular appearances in the tv series, The Duck Factory, later he starred in Once Bitten which was a spoof about the vampire realm. There had been a phase when he was seen in bit parts in movies such as The Dead Pool and Pink Cadillac. Jim became the attractive boy in the 1992 TV drama Doing Time on Maple Drive.

Although, Jim Carrey made a successful reputation as a comedian on big screen, his career has been largely marked by television. The same can be said for various other Hollywood actors such as Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, John Stamos, Bob Saget, Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, whose contribution to Hollywood was more in the form of television than big screen. 

It wouldn't be completely inaccurate to say that Jim adapted a lot from his character Wiploc in Earth Girls Are Easy. Much like Wiploc, he learnt and remembered a lot from television. For him, television was not just a form of media which was turned on and left only to keep some voices alive in the living room but it soon started flowing in his bloodstream. 

Carrey had shifted base from the stereotypical, 'tall-dark-handsome','brown-eyed-romantic', Hollywood hero with arms strong enough to push the mountains. He was a lovable loser, who got his girls time and again by consciously choosing not to be the stereotypical hero. He wasn't muscular, but he wore it like a badge of honour. 

Jim Carrey: The Obvious Character

The Mask in a maniac, green-faced character with a stunning, noticeable suit. He is so aroused by the presence of Cameron Diaz that he turns into a complete wolf at the sight of the woman. Meanwhile, Stanley Ipkiss, the man who was the mask, is nothing but disintegrated man. But who was more attractive? It's as if the madness of the Mask gave us the answer. 

In 1995 film Batman Forever, Jim Carrey had played Edward Nygma, a bespectacled boy with an aptitude for science and technology. Ed was a nervous inventor working under Bruce Wayne. He created a box which created a three-dimensional effect by into the viewer's brainwaves.

Wayne in his arrogant fashion had rejected the idea since it had the ability to invade in one's personal space, but  Ed went on to create a more powerful version of his invention only to become the next feared villain of DC Comics, the Riddler. One wouldn't call Batman Forever a Carrey film, but when you hear him as a cast, it wouldn't take a second guess to figure out that he would either play the Joker or the Riddler.