Jennifer Lawrence is an absolute delight at award functions. JLaw is always known to be herself and even amdist photographers, the actress never shies away from the camera. Be it clumsy, funny or goofy, JLaw has owned the red carpet a million times and we hope she continues to do it.

The actress turns 25 on Saturday, 15 August, and we have documented a few of her most adorable moments at award functions.

When She Photobombed Taylor Swift at Golden Globes 

When Taylor was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer walked up the stairs looking devious and said, "I wanted to come in and push you down the stairs." We don't know if that was Jennifer's true intention. Perhaps she just wanted to butt in on an interview and display her goofiness. Anyway Taylor replied, "People would think that is so funny." 

Her next target was Sarah Jessica Parker

The New York Met Gala is an event where all of New York's fashionistas come dressed in their best attires. So, it was no surprise that Jennifer was amused by two things: Sarah Jessica Parker's headdress and the brilliant opportunity to photobomb the "Sex and the City" star. As JLaw raised both her hands and photobombed, Sarah was unaware, but one person who found the whole thing really funny was Marion Cotillard. You cannot miss her reaction!

She Fell at Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence has proved that stress, high heels and an evening gown are the worst combination. Her tragic descent on the stairs while she was on her away to collect her award makes her so relatable. She's no Mystique, she's human!

When She Fell Again at Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence now has the authority to call it an Oscar tradition. In 2014, she looked badass as she waved at the paparazzi and then, unable to do a perfect 360 degree turn, she fell. During the show, host Ellen DeGeneres joked that Jennifer shouldn't get up from her seat if she won an Oscar that evening.

Hung Out with Jack Nicholson at Oscars

The actresses' first Oscar win is packed with so many adorable moments. Our favourite? When Jack Nicholson crashed into her interview with George Stephanapolis and said, "You look like an old girlfriend of mine." To which JLaw said, "Really? Do I look like your new girlfriend?" Without a doubt, she won her gangster cred.

Ripped Her Dress at SAG Awards?

When JLaw won the award for "Silver Linings Playbook", she couln't hold her excitement. Whilst feeling intense emotions, the actress' layered tulle dress by Dior got stuck in someone's chair and while walking up the stars, one layer sort of fell apart. And as is usual, the one person who was most amused by it was none other than Marion Cottilard.

Took a Shot Before She Met the Paparazzi

Jennifer Lawrence is known to be honest. Remember the time she called Jimmy Fallon a sociopath? The actress even told journalists at Oscars that she just took a shot before meeting them backstage.

She Owned Emma Stone's Ass

If Jennifer Lawrence has a friend as bizarre as her in Hollywood, it has to be Emma Stone. When Ryan Seacrest pulled out a nanny cam and asked JLaw to say something, she pulled on her gangster self and said, "Your Ass is Mine, Stone."