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Hyoyeon's dance moves are one of the many things that the fans love about Girls' Generation. The main dancer of the all-girl group is certainly an inspiration for those who like to dance. It is not surprising that the young KLpop idol has a huge fan following and has fan forums dedicated to her.

Kim Hyo-yeon a.k.a Hyoyeon turns 27 on 22 September. So, let's take a moment to get to know the star better.

For Hyoyeon, cleanliness is a must. In fact, the singer once said that she hates the feeling of unbrushed teeth.

She insists on washing her own clothes and her friends call her, "Laundry Girl".

She has many nicknames. The most popular ones are Dancing Queen, Princess Fiona and Specialty HY.

Hyoyeon is the tomboy of Girls' Generation and is also very good at sports.

She has been working with SM Entertainment since she was 11. Apprently, Hyoyeon was never interested in auditioning, but her mother forced her to give it a shot. She has been a trainee with the management group since 2000.

Hyoyeon loves to cook and often makes breakfast for her band members.

She loves to imitate people. Her frequent victim is Girls' Generation manager Tablo.

Her father used to make her do push-ups when she made noise in public and former Girls' Generation member, Jessica Jung, used to be her roommate. 

Here is a video showing Hyoyeon dancing: