It was in the year 2018 when Gary Oldman had collected his first Oscar award for his performance in The Darkest Hour where he had played the role of Winston Churchill. Prior to that to most of us, he had been Ludwig Beethoven, Count Dracula, James Gordon and finally but unforgettably Sirius Black. Ever since 2016, Oscar had finally managed to break a lot of jinxes after Leonardo Di Caprio grabbed his much-deserved award. Since then, most Oscars had been winning talented actors, actresses instead of the other way around. 

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman's journey

Gary Oldman got his first start in British theatre before making smaller appearances in films and televisions. One of the most enjoyable sights in any Gary Oldman film is that he isn't there in any of them. He is either a complete commissioner Gordon, or Ludwig Beethoven, or even for a short span of time, Harry Potter's godfather Sirius Black. He may even come back as the incarnation of Winston Churchill but you would never find the Gary Oldman in any of them. Yet it was after 35 years of being in the film industry when Gary was finally acknowledged with an Oscar.

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The England based actors such as Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Radcliffe have the most British styled compliment for Gary Oldman. They call him a chameleon. Brad Pitt too had once said, "I'm good—but not as good as he is."

Fundamentally Oldman will always remain an actor in a crowd full of Hollywood A-listers. When most actors selectively choose roles to climb the ladder and later hit the rich list of Forbes, Oldman essentially takes up something that remains a little more challenging than his next role.