Caitlyn Jenner inspired the LGBT community world-wide when she came out as Transgender in April 2015, but her show "I am Cait" on E! allowed for her story to reach a wider audience that got to understand the journey of a Transgender woman first-hand. The docu-series has been so impactful that it may be getting for Season 2 soon, and it will premiere as early as March 2016.

On Wednesday, 28 October, Jenner – who was born Bruce- is celebrating her 66th birthday, but it is her first birthday as Caitlyn. In celebration of the same, we have compiled some of the best moments from Season 1 of "I am Cait".

  • Esther's acceptance: Caitlyn Jenner's 89-year-old mother appeared on the show in Episode 1 and although she understandably had some difficulty in accepting Caitlyn's new reality, she was trying her best to be supportive. By the end of the season, she was attending parties with Caitlyn and all her Transgender friends, saying she is proud of her child, no matter her gender.
    "It seems as though when people start to have more understanding, the stigma of being different goes away," she said.
  • Blossom's story: Although Cait met quite a few people in the Transgender community and was inspired by all of them, Blossom Brown's story stood out. Despite having the GPA and a good ACT she has not been able to get into a nursing school, which is her dream.
    "It bothers me to this day when I see those students that I went to school with in nursing school getting those degrees and the only reason that I didn't get in was because I'm trans...I make straight A's, I work hard, stop looking on the outside and start looking on the inside and see that we want to be just normal people," Blossom said and her statements touched Caitlyn enough to make some calls. She got Blossom on "Ellen" and now her dream of becoming a nurse will be fulfilled.
  • Caitlyn's at NYC Pride Party: Marking the first time that she steps out as Caitlyn Jenner, she joined her Trans friends at the NYC Pride Party. Despite her fears, she received a standing ovation and a roaring applause from those present. She also got a chance to interact with the people of her community and even got to watch her friend Candice perform live.
  • ESPYs: The 2015 ESPYs awards were special for Caitlyn for more reasons than one. She was honoured by the sports community and it also was the first time she had to decide whether she should go with Caitlyn or Bruce. While she did not want to make anyone uncomfortable, her friends tell her that she cannot play both sides. She was made to understand that there is a lot riding on a name.
  • Interactions with Kardashians and Jenners: We saw how the stars of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" learned to be understanding about Caitlyn in "About Bruce" episodes. In "I am Cait", we got to hear her side of the story, and how she desperately wanted her children to be proud of her. Although it was Kim and Kylie that approached Caitlyn first, by the end of the season, all her children expressed their support. In fact, her ex-wife Kris Jenner too visited her and after a heart-to-heart conversation, took a selfie together, in true Kardashian fashion.

There were many more beautiful moments from Caitlyn's journey that was captures by "I am Cait" and while it is impossible for us to list them, we would love to hear on which ones are your favourite.