Andrew Barber at the premiere of
Andrea Barber at the premiere of Reuters

Andrea Barber, the child star from the 1990s who is best known for her role as the legendary Kimmy Gibbler in "Full House" and its ongoing sequel "Fuller House" is turning 40 on Sunday, July 3.

Andrea more or less left acting after her stint in "Full House" but she touched so many hearts as the wonderfully irritating Kimmy that fans couldn't imagine a sequel series without her in it.

While her character has evolved and slightly matured over the years, in "Fuller House" too, Kimmy is as crazy as she used to be. She has a daughter, an ex husband and a successful business, but Kimmy still manages to be charmingly childlike and adorably dorky with an inability to move on from the 90s. 

Despite her flaws, though, Kimmy is the most loyal friend anyone can hope for as she has proved time and again in both "Full House" and "Fuller House." Moreover, her slightly annoying quirks make her lovable as well.

It shouldn't matter that she dances like a crazy person

Or that she dresses like an arts and crafts classroom exploded on her

Or that she loves herself more than anything

Because at the end of the day, it is her passion that makes her do all the crazy things that she does. Whether it is love or hate, Kimmy does it with a whole of passion:

It is this passion that brings her friends together and isn't that what life is about? Having a good time with your loved ones?