British fashion model and television presenter Alexa Chung turns 32 on 5 November, 2015.
Chung is dating "True Blood" actor Alexander Skarsgard, and they were recently spotted sharing a goodbye kiss in Soho in NYC.

Although Chung had earlier said in an interview that she was a nightmare to date, the couple appears to be going strong. Pictures from their recent date show Chung completely smitten with Skarsgard, with whom she was initially spotted in February this year.

While we hope Chung's relationship with Skarsgard goes on to be a success story, here are a few notable quotes from the fashionista on how to tackle heartbreaks and breakups.

Braving the heartbreak

The problem with heartbreak is that nobody can help you when you're heartbroken. Nobody and nothing. Not the films you watch alone desperately searching for a character who feels the way you do, not the glasses or bottles of whisky you keep by your bed and certainly not Instagram

Breakup haircut

My advice if you've just suffered heartbreak or you've broken up with someone, is to not touch your hair. It's the first thing women do, but you're not in a fit state to make decisions that are long-term — you'll have to spend the next four years growing it out. Don't have a fringe cut. Don't bleach it. Don't do anything, because you will regret it. Buy a lipstick instead. Go and kiss loads of other people, but don't fucking touch your hair, as you'll still feel sad — and you'll have weird hair. 

Heartbreak vs Heartburn

I have googled 'how long does heartbreak last?' The result more popular than that was 'how long does heartburn last?' This implies people suffer from heartburn more than they do heartbreak which is a good thing because heartbreak sucks way fucking more than acid reflux ever could.

Life process

Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you'll wake up and it will be okay.