Let's accept it. We hardly noticed the brilliant performance of actor JK Simmons even after he was awarded the Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe in 2015.

Yet he is the actor who not only binds the narrative and plot, but keeps the narrative interesting with his comic timing, and various other kinds of elements which he brings with himself on screen. 

JK Simmons

JK Simmons is one of the talents from Hollywood who does not race to be an A-lister, but during the course of his work, he managed to rise and shine, while blending into the ordinariness of the characters. He is the familiar face in Hollywood films who appears on screen not as a star, but as a character. We have listed a few of his films where he became a familiar face. 

Simmons started his career as an actor in the late 80s and has worked in over 200 films and televisions with credits. Take a look at some of his films here. 


Before Ellen Page gained fame for being Elliot Page, she shot to fame for her magnificent performance in Juno, where she played a pregnant teenager.

The Oscar-winning film in further future may also be considered to be a classic. JK Simmons played the concerned father of the pregnant teenager with so much ease that we never saw him any differently. He merged with the story and the character. Simmons added more lovable elements to this quirky film. 

Up In The Air

Originally, the hit factor of this Hollywood romantic comedy had been George Clooney, and also a breakthrough moment for Anna Kendrick who had a huge pressure on herself that she could be better than Twilight actress.

JK Simmons played Bob a middle-aged man, who just received the message of losing his thankless job.  While George Clooney remained the attractive star factor of Up In The Air, it was JK Simmons heartbreaking meltdown moment which made the film more relatable. While Clooney remained the unattainable star on screen, Simmons came home with us. 

Spider-Man: Far Far From Home 

In Spider-Man: Far Far From Home JK Simmons had a minor yet memorable role as Mr J Jonah Johnson. His cameo in the post-credit sequence had been unexpected but a pleasant surprise. He returned to his previous role as the editor of Daily Bugle and became the second greatest enemy of Spider-Man and Peter Parker. 

Spider-Man, (1,2.3) 

In the first Marvel film of Spider-Man, helmed by actor Tobey Macguire, JK Simmons had played the editor of Daily Bugle, who always had the wrong suspicions, a bad nose for news and extremely bad taste for headlines for his newspaper. 

He played the foul-mouthed editor, who hardly paid his employees well-enough and cared more about defaming superheroes than investigating into their real fights and stories. It's not every day when you meet an actor who bravely takes up the role of the toxic character but JK Simmons managed to outshine as a performer. 

The Music Never Stopped

In this 2011 film, JK Simmons was seen alongside Lou Taylor Pucci. The film narrates the story of a father who attempts to bond with his estranged son after he learns that he has been suffering from a brain tumour and thereby is unable to develop new memories. Much like its described in the title of the film itself, the content of this film is packed with wholesome music. 

Thank You For Smoking

The comedy-drama Thank You For Smoking had certainly brought JK Simmons comic acts to the limelight. The entire concept is a satire and narrates the story of a spokesman of a tobacco company who tries to sell cigarettes. Simmons plays the role of BR and brings life into his character. 


The fact that Zootopia would be awarded at least one Oscar was more than obvious since the animated film dealt with the most talked about topic of the year. 'Intolerance'. The representation of religion and division had been represented on the basis of various species of animals. Simmons had lent his voice for the character of Mayor Lionheart. It became a heartwarming, unmissable, family flick

La La Land

La La Land had been the second film of JK Simmons with director Damien Chazelle after he had won the Oscar for Whiplash. Here too Simmons had the minor role to play in the musical which took home six Oscars including Best Actress and Best Direction Award. Simmons played the role of the tough restaurant owner who fires the pianist for not keeping up to the theme of the restaurant. 


Klaus is the second-highest-rated animated film of JK Simmons after Zootopia. The plot takes place in a distant land where a postman befriends a toymaker and delivers holiday gifts to end an ancient feud. This film has been nominated for the Best Animated Feature Film at the Oscars. It is one of the unmissable holiday films. 


Whiplash had been a pathbreaking moment for JK Simmons, not only because the role had helped him grab an Oscar, but also because it had particularly put him on the spotlight as an outstanding performer. We knew him as the foul-mouthed Editor from Spider-Man but in Whiplash he was beyond foul and practically embraced the madness that came along with being a perfectionist. The stellar performance is simply unmissable.