When season one of "Hannibal" ended, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) was locked up in Dr. Chilton's Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, as he is believed to be the copycat killer.

But the current season does not immediately show viewers what's happening with Will. Instead, the premiere episode of season 2 opens with a fight between Dr Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne), and from the looks of it, Jack seems to have found out Hannibal's secret.

The fight turns gory as Jack's hand is sliced and blood spurts from the wound. But Jack continues to defend himself as Hannibal attacks him with all the kitchen utensils that are at his disposal.

At one point during the fight Jack hides in the wine closet, while Hannibal tries to break down the door. The next shot takes viewers 12 weeks back where Jack is getting ready to enjoy a meal prepared by Hannibal.

"I almost feel guilty eating it," Jack says, while his host responds, "I never feel guilty about eating anything."

In the meantime, Will seems to be thinking much more clearly now that he is able to collect his thoughts and process them freely. But the voice in his head is that of Hannibal's and not his own.

"I can't get you out of my head," Will tells Hannibal, and added that he will somehow find a way to prove his innocence. "What you did to me is in my head, and I will find it. I'm going to remember, Dr. Lecter, and when I do, there will be a reckoning," Will added.

Will makes a breakthrough about who the real killer is, after he has a vision while chewing on a piece of meat on his meal tray. This reminds him of how Hannibal force-fed him Abigail Hobbs' ear.

But no one is willing to accept that Will is not the killer and a case in point is when Jack visits Will. When Will elaborates on why he thinks Hannibal is the killer, Jack reminds him that Hannibal has been investigated and they found no proof of his involvement in the crime. But all Will says is that he is not the intelligent psychopath they are looking for.

Hannibal appears to be battling some kind of remorse for making it look like Will was the murderer. He also admits as much during a visit to his shrink, Dr. Bedelia DuMaurier (Gillian Anderson), who tells him that he is obsessed with Will.

This obsession is seen when Hannibal becomes the new Will Graham and takes on his job. When bodies keep piling up, Hannibal looks at them through Will's eyes and declares them to be discards as the killer wasn't happy with the victims.

The episode ends with the final victim, who is not dead like the other. When he wakes up and looks around, he sees a pile of bodies around him and the closing shot ends with his scream.