Siv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray
Siv Sena Chief Bal ThackerayReuters

The Maharashtra Shiv Sena on Thursday urged President Pranab Mukherjee to turn down the mercy pleas of 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab and parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

During Pranab's visit to Mumbai this week, leaders of the Bal-Thackery led organization met the president and said that both convicts should be given capital punishment at the earliest, DNA reported.

"(Please) ask the government to hang them forthwith, without any delays. Immediately reject the mercy petitions of these traitors which have come to you," the memorandum submitted to Pranab read.

Shiv Sena, a strong supporter of Pranab during this year's presidential election, asked to add new chapters to the nation's history by sending the convicts to the gallows as soon as possible.

"We wish that you will write a new page in the history of Indian politics... and convince the government to no longer delay the decision of hanging both Afzal Guru and Kasab. We request you to reject the mercy petitions of both these people," the letter said, according to the daily paper.

Kasab's mercy petition filed on Sept 18 is still pending with the president. He was given the death penalty by the Supreme Court on Aug 29 for his involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Since the pronouncement of the court's verdict, people from different walks of life have asked the government to execute the punishment immediately.

Afzal Gru, convict of the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament, was sentenced to death by the apex court in 2004 and was supposed meet his sentence on Oct 20, 2006. His clemency plea is also pending with the central government.