If religion, spirituality and morality are heavy loaded topics you would rather not watch, "Hand of God" still has something to offer. Yes, the show draws on a higher spiritual power's significance in our life, but it is not about Christianity. To be sure, the series depicts a decaying society and exposes the struggles of people as they navigate through a chaotic world.

If you didn't get a chance to watch the pliot when it was dropped online, here is the synopsis. "Sons of Anarchy" alum Ron Perlman dons the role of judge, Pernell Harris. The Harris family suffers a family tragedy in the first episode.

The judge's son, PJ (Johnny Ferro), tries to commit suicide after being forced to watch his wife, Jocelyn (Alona Tal), get raped several times. PJ's unsuccessful suicide attempt puts him in a coma, and dealing with all of this is the judge.

As Pernell sits next to his son, he has visions and identifies it as God's message delivered through his son. The judge stands naked in a public fountain, speaks in tongues and donates $50,000 to a suspicious preacher, Paul Curtis (Julian Morris) and his partner Alicia Hopkins (Elizabeth McLaughlin).

The rest of the season takes us through a long winded journey that involves plenty violence, retribution and a morality compass thrust ironically, as the jude himself is involved in corrupt land deals, and has a mistress.

The show's executive producer, Ben Watkins said that he has used religion to expose the hypocrisy that exists in our society. "Some people who say they believe in God don't necessarily act that way, and then some people who don't believe in God have a sense that there's something unexplained out there but they're not trying to explore that," he told Indie Wire.

All 10 episodes of "Hand of God" season one can be livestreamed on Amazon by Amazon Prime Members starting Friday, 4 September. 

You can watch the trailer here: