Halo 5
Halo 5 is rumored to be released in November 2014.halowaypoint

As Xbox One nears its release date, one game that seems to be missing the bandwagon is Halo.

Though Halo Spartan Assault will be released for the Xbox One in December, it will only be a third-person shooter and not an FPS game. So many fans have been mining for any information on the possibility of 343 Industries' next Halo installment, Halo 5.

New information on Halo 5 was apparently leaked on NeoGAF forum by a user. The information was originally posted on Pastebin. Though the post was made by a guest user, many believe it to be a developer or someone close to 343 Industries. It is a long post and gives out the framework of the rumoured Halo 5.

The post which runs with the headline, Halo Xbox One, says that the game is presently in "prototype phase." It also says that the end product might differ from the features that are listed below (Pastebin):


  • The campaign is supposed to be 3-5 times bigger than that of Halo 4. The game will be open world.
  • Master Chief has gone rogue, has own ship and can visit different planets (6-8 planned). Each planet has several regions with main objectives and several side missions.
  • The gameplay will have added RPG elements. Character progression (forerunner relicts you find make Master Chief stronger or will give him more ablities), not really loot, but you will have to acquire weapons first before you can use them in more missions.
  • Weapons are stored in the armoury on the ship and chief can choose his loadout, which he will use on the mission start. He can still pickup and use the weapons he finds in the different missions. Loadout weapons are basically the same you have in Halo 4 Multiplayer (you can't start with a rocket launcher, but you can call in those "super weapons" on a mission like in Infinity Multiplayer; difference is this is a limited ability, at "low level" you can call one time, this can be upgraded over time)
  • More weapons, both humans and alien ones, when compared with Halo 4.


  • Elites (the same faction you fought in Halo 4), Grunts, Jackals, Hunter, Brutes, Drones.
  • Promethean (heavily redesigned, more types like Promethean Warlords).
  • Humans (yep you will get humans, but not UNSC, those are Insurrectionists).


  • Biggest number of vehicles ever.
  • Warthog (classic, rocket, gauss), Scorpion and yes the Grizzly will be in, Mammoth, upgraded Mantis, more Halo Wars vehicles like rhino, wolverine, cobra, hornets, falcons, vultures.
  • Chiefs ship can store a limited amount of vehicles (call in similar to weapons).
  • Forerunner War Sphinx are a very powerful enemy "vehicles" (and yep you will fight them).


  • First title to showcase true power of cloud processing. Massive battles with 100s of AI (calculated by the cloud); massive worlds with dynamic weather and global lighting (all done in cloud).
  • And yes, this will need an always online connection (you don't need a powerful connection, those data packets are really small)

The post pointed out that the development team is running tests on the Halo 4 engine with prototype models. "This encounter featured several hundreds of Brutes with 2 Scarabs, 10 wraiths and several ghosts and banshees fighting against one Forerunner War Sphinx and some Prometheans."

It also detailed the multiplayer features where the Halo War arena is a reloaded version of Halo 2 with no loadouts, no armour abilities and perks. About 8-16 players can play game modes like Slayer, classic Halo CT and many more.

The post says players well be able to play it in November 2014, a potential release day.