Halo 5 spotted by a Twitter user.Facebook

Microsoft has so far constantly denied the existence of Halo 5, the next instalment in the highly popular Halo series. However, fans manage to dig up information on the unconfirmed video game on a constant basis. Now a Twitter user has posted a page from the Offical Xbox Magazine (Issue 105), proving the existence of Halo 5.

The user tweeted, "Halo 5 appears in Official Xbox Magazine Issue 105 (thanks to @JamieCallan3)," GamingBolt reported.

At E3 2013, Microsoft - publisher of the sci-fi shooter video game - showcased a Halo video where Master Chief is seen wandering in the desert and coming into contact with a large ship. The trailer was re-uploaded by Axis Animation to Vimeo where Halo 5 was visible. However, since then the video was set to private and was unable to be viewed, Halo 5 News reported.

Until now, Microsoft has made nine Halo-related games, since it rolled out its first title in 2001. The last major title was Halo 4, released in 6 November 2012.

According to WhatCulture, Halo fans need a darker tone than its predecessors in Halo 5. It further speaks the requirement to have immersive melee combat, newer weapons and vehicles, bringing in squad control to the game, reintroduction of memorable characters like 'Sergeant Johnson', '343 Guilty Spark' and 'Cortana,'  incorporation of indigenous aliens, additional game modes, addition of much larger battles and playable aliens.

The above features might add up to the unlimited entertainment for fans. Halo series has created a cultural impart that is similar to Star Wars, according to writer Brian Bendis, IGN reported.