A boy dressed as Superman plays with a bubble machine at the Flint family's annual Halloween block party in Silver Spring, Maryland October 31, 2014
A boy dressed as Superman plays with a bubble machine at the Flint family's annual Halloween block party in Silver Spring, Maryland October 31, 2014 (Photo: A little girl plays with balloons at Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown's midterm election night rally in Manchester, New Hampshire November 4, 2014. )Reuters

The day of Halloween celebrations is near and while people are busy decorating their homes and getting all the usual necessities of the festival, the primary attraction like every year will be on costumes only.

There are numerous costume options available throughout the Halloween month, and even before that. People can choose from the evergreen superhero and horror-elements costume to an array of other celebrities' one, which might include political figures, movie actors and actresses, and singing sensations.

Undoubtedly, the most excited group of people on Halloween is the kids. For them, it is not just a festival, but an opportunity to get into their favourite character. On the eve of Halloween 2016, here are some cool and easy-to-make homemade costume ideas that will surely bring a smile on all the kids out there.

Bubble Bath

Cut a hole in the bottom of an inflatable baby bathtub. Leave at least two inches for the rim.

On the remaining bottom rim, punch two holes near the front and back. To make the suspenders from wide ribbon, measure your child from shoulder to waist and multiply by two; cut two lengths of ribbon to that size. Thread through the holes, knotting the ends underneath to secure.

Blow up 15 white balloons and attach them with double-stick tape inside the tub and to the sides to make it look like bubbles are overflowing.

Accessorise with bath poufs as hair accessories.

Static Electricity

From the inside, use safety pins to attach six socks in fun colours, a few pairs of underwear and three or four pieces of small clothing like baby t-shirts or tiny tank tops to a plain, solid-colour outfit. Use your imagination! You could also attach the clothing with a hot-glue gun if you don't mind ruining the outfit.

With hair gel, spike hair to look static-y.

Use a small laundry basket as a treat bucket.

Gumball Machine

Paint a plastic soda cap with silver paint. With a hot-glue gun, glue to red hat.

Cut a 5 out of black craft foam and glue to pants leg.

Cut hood and sleeves off a clear raincoat; put on backward (snaps in back). Use a 30-inch piece of elastic as a belt; blouse coat over it. (You can also use a clear bag.)

Blow up 20 multicoloured balloons halfway. Put in through back of coat. Snap up coat; cut off excess, if any.

Pig in a Blanket

Cut pig ears, small rectangle and small circle out of two eight by 11-inch sheets of pink craft foam.

With a hot-glue gun, glue ears to a pink headband.

Dot circle with glitter glue for nostrils. Fold rectangle around circle, gluing together to form snout. Glue one end of a 12-inch piece of elastic to each side, so that it can be worn over child's nose.

Wrap blanket over shoulders; pin with large safety pin.


With a hot-glue gun, glue 30 to 35 rolls of Smarties candies to the front of a pair of solid-colour dark pants. You can place them in rows or randomly. (If you decide to glue the candy rolls in the back of the pants as well, avoid the top section so that your child can sit down comfortably.)

Glue individual Smarties candies to an inexpensive headband or cap.

Wear with a bright top and bright shoes.