Fortune-telling Donald Trump appears on the streets of New York
#Trumpbookreports has tweeple picking up literary references and inserting them into hilarious comments dipped in 'Trump reality'.

Halloween is around the corner, and it is that time of the year when kids and adults look forward to make sure that people remember them throughout the year for at least one thing - their unique costumes.

Typically, Halloween costumes are influenced and inspired by the current trends in various fields, including movies, politics and celebrities. Hence, there is a significant possibility that this year too, costumes of celebrities belonging from any of such fields are going to steal the show and will win you applause.

One of the hottest topics recently has been US presidential candidate Donald Trump. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, Trump is known for his cheeky statements, his controversial remarks, and his take on certain humanitarian issues, especially regarding women and immigrants.

He has a "hate me or love me" image among the crowd and despite all his notoriety, he is surely popular among the masses. Therefore, donning a Trump costume will undoubtedly catch the eye of rest of the celebrators enjoying the festivities of Halloween.

Here are five amazing Trump costume ideas that you might want to try if you want this Halloween to be one of the most awesome ones of your life.

Build the typical Donald Trump costume

Trump's iconic appearance makes him different from the crowd. His outfit has something unique to it. To walk in the streets as a real Trump, you need the following things:

The wig

Blue blazer

Red tie

Flag pin

Make America Great Again hat or cap

Bronzing spray tan

That last one is optional, but a wig is compulsory in order to get the real Trump out of you.

Trump latex mask

Nothing can beat a life-like mask of Donald Trump's face, complete with wrinkles, hairline and the iconic thin, curled lips. If you are planning for something authentic, the mask is definitely a good option.

Donald Trump voter costume

This is probably the easiest costume to don this Halloween for getting into the vibe of Trumpmania. You can either simply wear the Trump – Make America Great Again t-shirt, or accessorise it with a hat/cap, and Vote Trump pins.

Trump wig for pets

Pets play an important role in all kinds of Halloween celebrations. Hence, to make sure that your one gets the attention it deserves, equip it with a Trump wig, specially designed for pets like dogs and cats. It will surely make your Halloween great again.

Trump vs. Clinton

To make the festivities more amazing than they already are, pair up with your friend and get into the outfit of Trump and his archenemy, Hillary Clinton. An argument between the two will surely draw a lot of eyes and people won't forget you for a long time for pulling out that gig.