Halloween may be the time for tricks and treats for children, but for adults it is more about costumes. However, making a head-turning costume need not necessarily be an expensive or extravagant. A little creativity can go a long way when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Here are some easy-to-adorn costume ideas that you can try out for Halloween 2015:

Katniss Everdeen – "The Hunger Games"
The ultimate embodiment of a badass, Katniss is very easy to bring to life – in terms of costume. A black t-shit, leather jacket and black slim-fit jeans can make any woman look like "The Hunger Games" heroine; added bonus for those carrying a bow and arrow.

Regina George – "Mean Girls"

Regina may have made Cady's life a living hell on "Mean Girls", but she is an inspiration to anyone looking to learn how to insult properly. If you want to rock her prom look, all you need is a baby pink short dress and a back brace decorated with flowers. If you don't have a back brace lying around, make do with a black stick and some plastic.

Hitgirl – "Kickass"

Are you looking to kick ass this Halloween? Is purple your colour? Look no further, because we know which awesome outfit you can rock at your costume party. Get purple fabric for your DIY cape and mask, and sport a cool jacket (if you have a purple hoodie, that will suffice too). Wear a purple legging and wear a purple plaid skirt over it. You can wear a purple wig, (purple)spray-painted gloves and carry a spear to make the look more authentic.

The Shining twins – "The Shining"

If you have a partner-in-crime for this Halloween, dress up as the creepy twins from "The Shining". You will not only be the best dressed, but also the creepiest duo of the part. All you need a light blue dress and a pink bow. Part your shoulder length hair – or wig – and pin the left side with a pink clip. If you want to emphasise how scary you are, spray some fake blood – or ketchup- on to your dresses. Do not forget to walk in to the room hand-in-hand.

Furiosa – "Mad Max"

You don't have to wait for a nuclear holocaust to become Furiosa. This Halloween season grab some black cream and dark eye make-up to bring this post-apocalyptic leader to life. Find a video on the make-up tutorial for the same below. Adorn yourself with a dirty white cloth or white T-shirt and some belts running zig-zag over your body, and most importantly, sport your best Furiosa attitude.