Scariest Halloween Destinations
Bhangarh Fort, RajasthanCreative Commons

Only five days remaining for the spookiest festival of the year. The world is eagerly waiting for Halloween 2014, which falls at the end of this month.

Creepy costumes and spooky themes will make the occasion fun like every year.

Travellers, who love adventure, can go to some amazingly creepy places in the world, to feel the spooky effect of the festival.

Halloween is the time to be at the spooky places around the world, so catch a flight and go to one of these places. Top 10 cities that spook will give you more details about Halloween destinations.

Here are a few scary spots around the world, which is perfect for Halloween.

Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is known for Bhangarh Fort - the most haunted place in India. The spooky region is four hours from the capital New Delhi and is a tourist destination. However, interestingly, it is only open from sunrise to sunset as after 5pm visitors are prohibited by the government.

It is believed that a scorned sorcerer cursed the place, sentencing its residents to death, because his love for the princess of the palace was not returned.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is believed to be the haunted city of Scotland as the victims of plague in the mid-1600s were left to die in a place in Old Town. The South Bridge Vaults was soon abandoned due to poor condition but paranormal activities still exist at the place, according to popular belief.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The place is said to be creepy because of Madame LaLaurie, a socialite who used to torture her victims brutally and kept them as slaves. New Orleans Ghost Tour will take you to the haunted mansion on Royal Street, where visitors claim they have heard screams of Madame LaLaurie's victims for years.

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is known for the witchcraft trials which took place in 1962. If tourists want to know more about the dark trials, then try the Spellbound Tours, which will take you to an old Witch Dungeon and the second oldest cemetery in the US.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has a Jewish place, which consists of 11 cemeteries in one area. It is said that the Old Cemetery has 100,000 bodies buried there and also had many supernatural sightings recorded.

London, England

From Ancient Ram Inn to Woodchester Mansion, London is full of ghost and spooky stories. This would be perfect destination for Halloween to get the spooky feeling of the festival.