Hallamma beats COVID-19

Amid the rising cases, Karnataka's oldest patient has recovered from COVID-19. 100-year-old Hallamma who belongs to Huvina Hadagali in Bellary recovered from the virus in a matter of a week after testing negative on July 22nd. 

Hallamma's story has inspired many due to her age and as she beats the fact with all her might that COVID-19 is more dangerous for the elderly.

Karnataka's Hallamma beats COVID-19 at 100

Coronavirus is a deadly disease, mainly feared by the elders in our society. However, the pandemic has not been without its share of inspiring stories of the elderly successfully beating COVID-19 and giving all the rest of us hope. 

Hallamma a resident of Huvina Hadagalli in Bellary has successfully beaten the deadly virus even at the age of 100, is the oldest in Karnataka so far to do so. She told ANI following her recovery, "The doctors have treated me well. Along with regular food, I was given an apple everyday. The doctors gave me tablets and injections, and I am healthy now. COVID-19 is like a common cold." 


The elderly woman was diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 16th and by July 22nd her tests had come back negative and she was discharged from the hospital.

Her son, daughter-in-law and grandson had also tested positive for COVID-19 but were treated at home. Her son who works at a bank tested positive for COVID-19 on July 3rd. 

Karnataka now has over 85,870 cases in the state with 1,726 deaths. It also became the first state to cross 50,000 active cases today. Perhaps Hallamma's story will inspire many to fight against this virus and come out on top.