Half-naked woman refuses to leave her sunbathing spot for beach wedding. [Representational Image]Creative Commons

A photo of a woman enjoying her sunbath just a few feet away from a beach wedding has gone viral on Instagram. The woman, apparently, had found the perfect sunbathing spot and was reluctant to give up on it even after requests from the people in the wedding party.

She reminds us of the character Sheldon Cooper from the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory, who is extremely possessive about his spot on the couch.

The picture of the bikini-clad woman shows her lying on the beach quite oblivious of the wedding ceremony taking place close by. She was lying face down on the Port Willunga Beach in Australia as if it's just another day.

An Adelaide resident reportedly captured the picture and posted it on ShitAdelaide Instagram page.

The woman who took the photo told Daily Mail Australia: "She was just one meter away, it was pretty funny"

Social media users were amused. One commented: "'I thought it was a dead body which would be slightly worse." Another asked an important question: "Who got there first?"

One commented: "Haha hopefully no-one will be doing that at our wedding."

Some users commented that she might have been a cousin who got drunk and was just lying there. Some even felt that she might have been the bride herself.