Some new rumours have suggested that the video-game "Half-Life 3" is currently under development. There have been hints also that Valve is going to make an announcement regarding this long-awaited game by the end of 2015.

An anonymous poster who advertises on the website 4Chan posted a supposedly leaked picture related to "Half-Life 3". He divided the picture into 2,500 individual images, which, when pieced together, revealed the secret behind the game's mystery.

Soon after they were posted, the images were deleted from the thread for the reasons unknown. However, the community members of 4Chan have completed the puzzle and after all the images were combined, the result was quite surprising.

The image is of a prominent recurring character in the video game that was in part two as well as its spin-offs. The character is a robot named "Dog". According to some contributors, the image's texture is unique to the "Source 2 engine" which is used on ported version of "Dota 2", renamed as "Dota 2 Reborn".

In the past, the Half-Life series writer Marc Laidlaw had vaguely confirmed that the story will be continued with a third Half-Life game. Hopefully, the leaked puzzle may get a confirmation by Valve soon.

Despite all the rumours, Valve has not confirmed about any developments in "Half-Life 3"'. They have kept a mum regarding the new leak.