Half Life 3
Half Life 3 is not in active development (Representative Image)vgu.tv

The eagerness among Half-Life fans about Valve coming up with Half-Life 3, the next game in the series, has been profound. Many fans expected an announcement during the E3 2015 but it did not happen. They were again disappointed after Gamescom 2015.

Now, a 'former employee of Valve' has revealed on Reddit that Half-Life 3 will be released in Q4 2017 or Q1 2018. The source remains anonymous and his prophecy should be taken with a pinch of salt since nothing that he reveals is backed by evidence.

He goes on to say that the game is not in active development and he did not get any builds for testing the game. He also added that the game gets rarely mentioned.

But he has given thumbs up to a new Left 4 Dead, which he claimed will not be named Left 4 Dead 3. The post is slightly confusing since he claims that the game is "sequel-prequel, taking place 1 month after the infection and at the day of the infection." It could mean that the game includes both the sequel and the prequel. Some maps might deal with time after the infection and some on the day of the infection. He adds that the new Left 4 Dead game will have four survivors, namely:

  1. Irvin – He is a gangster who was able to make an escape from his "hood." He apparently will be the new Francis/coach of the game.
  2. Katherine – She is a stereotypical 24-year-old woman previously working as a stewardess at a plane station.
  3. Keenan – He is a comic book nerd and similar to the character of Louis.
  4. Garret Jr. – He is a well known Kenpo fighter. He will have better melee.

He went on to reveal that the game will have a backpack system where players will be able to carry 20-50 KG in backpacks. But more the weight, slower you are. Players will be able to carry only one type of weight specific to them.

He also mentions about the game having six campaigns namely:

  1. Crash-land (similar to Dark Carnival)
  2. Impasse (takes place in a massive burning building skyscraper, similar to No Mercy)
  3. Inquisitor Land (similar to first two maps of Dark Carnival)
  4. Early Destination (similar to black-mesa science-testing base)
  5. Cliff-Hanger (takes place on a snowy mountain and survivors must reach mountain's top in order to escape.)
  6. No Mercy (this will be a Pre-Order bonus. It will be a complete remake of No Mercy with the original 4 survivors.)

In conclusion, though there have been some reports that were optimistic of Valve bringing out new Left 4 Dead game, Half-Life 3 remains a mystery.