Werley Nortreus

Werley Nortreus is a Haitian entrepreneur that people look up to for inspiration and motivation. He's also a leader, philosopher, intellectual, musical artist, author, writer, and politician. He did not grow up into a rich family, but they could afford what they'd like. He says he always wanted to help the world become better with his ideas and contributions. From an early age, his parents suspected that he had the potential to succeed. He attended the best schools in Haiti and loved to write and improvise ideas that could change the world and people's mindsets.

Many people did not think that his ideas could help make the world a better place. He is now a young entrepreneur who founded media organizations in mass media, publishing, radio stations, magazines, and others.

He always read books of successful entrepreneurs and attended conferences related to entrepreneurship. Even when he arrived in other countries, he always maintained the same habit where he always read books of great entrepreneurs that the world already recognizes.

A year later after the 2010 Haiti quake, he and his family left Haiti for a foreign country. When he arrived abroad, he did not neglect to go to school and work so that he could help himself. Before he founded his organizations, he said he worked with people in restaurants where he washed dishes and cleaned tables. Life was not easy for him because he and his family had lost everything they had in Haiti during the quake.

While in schools outside of Haiti, he did not neglect to work until he founded his own organizations that he says are now successful. He even founded a political/social movement called Haitians Lives Matter and a political party called Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti. His organizations help society in many existing fields.

He has founded Ceraphin Corporation that is interested only in the fields of entertainment and communication. The mass media company Ceraphin Corporation owns and looks forward to controlling brands in a variety of fields, including magazines, food & beverage, record label, TV network, radio network, sports outlets, newspapers, movie outlets, theaters, arenas, movie productions, and music outlets. He said that Ceraphin Corporation is independent and has handled financial situations on its own since 2015.

He founded Ceraphin Radio Network which owns 6 radio stations called Bon Déjeuner! Radio, iJazzy Classical, Afro! PopUp, Latina HeartBeat, 1stPremium Gospel, and Bizou Bizou FM. He had a passion to win, and he did become a self-help entrepreneur. He is now one of the most influential and dominant young entrepreneurs in the Haitian community. He has created huge audiences and globally.