Users claim that their new iPhone 6 is "ripping out" their hair.Twitter

After bendgate, Apple Inc.'s latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have now been hit by another scandal of sorts, dubbed as the hairgate. However, unlike bendgate, the claim that the new iPhone 6 is "ripping out" users' hair seems to be nothing but a hoax.

The latest iPhone 6 rumours seem to have had originated at 9to5mac, where several users claim that the iPhone 6 is yanking out their hair.

The report on 9to5mac states: "By now we should be aware of the bendgate issue but it doesn't concern me much. I take good care of my phone. I'm more concerned and somewhat irritated that my iPhone 6 Plus, keeps yanking out my hair when I'm making call.

"Initially I thought it was the hair sticking to the screen protector. But upon closer inspection, it was the seam between the glass and aluminium– hair gets stuck and when you try to free it out, it hurts. I believe it's not only me."

Several users since then have posted complaints under hashtag hairgate, beardgate and even seamgate.

A user Chad Coleman @dominocollege posted: " Anyone else getting beard hairs pulled by the iPhone 6/Plus? It catches my scruff in the seam and yanks it during calls. #hurts #beardgate."

Another iPhone 6 user Kavan @KavKilledKenny tweeted: "My hair keeps getting caught in the microscopic seam between glass and aluminium on my iPhone 6."

Tweeting under #seamgate, Paul Peavler @CardMeHD posted: "The seam on my iPhone 6 where the aluminum meets the glass is definitely catching my hair and pulling it out. #seamgate."

The hairgate report that has been picked by several leading websites, including news giants such as Time, USA Today and The Independent , however, now has been found to be a complete hoax.

Gordon Kelly, a tech journalist-writer for Forbes called the claims of hair getting caught in "the seam between the glass and aluminum" nonsense.

He further went on note that the hairgate controversy is nothing but a parody. Pointing out a Twitter post by Kavan @KavKilledKenny, he states:" a number of the hairgate tweets being shared are clearly parodies by people without hair."

Kelly, who has reviewed both iPhone 6 and iPhone plus then stated," I can report the gap between the front glass and aluminum does not exist. There is a bevel, but the glass front panel is actually fused to the aluminum and the tiny gap you do see is significantly narrower than a human hair."

He further added that even if a significant gap did exist on iPhone 6 or iPhone plus, the hairgate would still make no sense.

Video: iPhone 6 User demonstrates Hairgate