Vikas Dubey
VIkas DubeyCredit:Twitter

The search is on for the gangster Vikas Dubey who attacked and killed eight policemen in Kanpur. Meanwhile, an old video of Vikas Dubey has been revealed, in which he was talking about getting protection from two BJP MLAs. Now an old picture of Vikas Dubey has appeared in which he is seen with BJP MP Devendra Singh Bhole from Akbarpur and MLA Bhagwati Sagar. This picture is being told of a matrimonial program.

Conspiracy to influence the investigation: BJP MLA

The picture of Vikas Dubey with BJP MP and MLA is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Although it is not clear at what time this picture is, questions are arising. On being asked about the claims made by Vikas, BJP MP Devendra Singh Bhole said that this is a conspiracy to influence the police investigation. Devendra Singh Bhole said, "Anyone can write anything about me, this is a conspiracy to influence the police investigation."

Vikas Dubey
Terrorist Vikas Dubey (second from right) with Devendra Singh Bhole (third from left), BJP MP from AkbarpurCredit:Twitter

BJP MLA Bhagwati Sagar is also seen in the picture. Earlier in the viral video, Vikas Dubey spoke about the connection with Bhagwati Sagar, on which the MLA gave clarification. BJP MLA Bhagwati Sagar dismissed the allegations leveled against him and said that he never helped Vikas Dubey and he could say anything in his defence.

It is highly anticipated in local media that video was during the questioning of STF in 2017. Vikas Dubey is taking the names of several leaders in the inquiry. In the video, Vikas is stating that MLAs and blockheads also advocated for him. In this video, he had spoken to BJP MLA Bhagwati Sagar for help in a case.

Vikas Dubey Confessing his links with BJP MLA

Police questioning Jai Vajpayee, the aide of Vikas Dubey

At the same time, a search operation is being run in Jai Vajpayee's close home to Vikas Dubey in Brahmanagar in Kanpur. Many pictures have come out of businessman Jai Vajpayee with Vikas Dubey. Pictures of Jai Bajpayee with DIG STF Anant Dev (former SSP Kanpur) are also going viral on social media. The police are investigating the claim that the owner of 3 unclaimed luxury cars which were found in Kanpur on Sunday is Jai Bajpayee. It is feared that Jai helped in getting Vikas outside the district. After 24 hours of questioning, STF has taken Jai to Lucknow.