Prime Minister of Russia
Dmitry MedvedevTwitter/Dmitry Medvedev

Anonymous hacker(s) took control of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's verified Twitter account and announced that he would be resigning.

"I am resigning. I am ashamed of the government's actions. I'm sorry." (Translated using web translator),hacker(s) posted on Medvedev's Russian language account on Thursday morning at 11:12 pm PDT, leading to speculations that it was not in fact posted by the Prime Minister. Medvedev's office has since announced that the account was indeed hacked.

Medvedev is seen as more of a rubber stamp Prime Minister and remains the butt of many jokes.

Many among Russia's internet-savvy middle were disappointed when Medvedev stepped down from presidency making way to Vladmir Putin to return for a third Kremlin term in 2012. Since then, his meekness in just standing by as Putin took over has been ridiculed and he is seen by many as merely President Putin's puppet.

Addressing President Putin, using the diminutive version of his first name Vladmir, the hacker also tweeted, "I have long wanted to tell you. Vova! You are wrong!"

The tweets also announced the Prime Minister's plans to become a freelance photographer (Medvedev is an enthusiastic amateur photographer), and tried to tend #CrimeaIsNotOurs ( a jab at #CrimeaIsOurs, which gained popularity soon after Moscow annexed the Ukrainian peninsula.

"It's obvious that this was a hooligan hacker prank," presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Ekho Moskvy radio, according to The Guardian. "It shows once again the need to constantly observe the necessary level of security."

A group called Shaltay Boltay ("Humpty Dumpty" in Russian) has taken credit for the hacking, tweeting a screenshot of Medvedev's resignation tweet, which has been taken down, with the caption: "Ahha, well you understood ;)".

The last post from the Medvedev before the hacking incident was on 12 August. It was the repost of an instagram picture by photogovernment, which posts the official and unofficial photos of the Russian Government.

# Repost from @ pravitelstvo_rf Youth Forum # Mashuk2014 http: //

The Prime Minister has another twitter account that sends out tweets in English.