• HackerRank has unveiled a new job search app for programmers.IBTimes India
  • HackerRank has unveiled a new job search app for programmers.IBTimes India

HackerRank, a fast-growing US-headquartered technology company, has unveiled a new job search app called "HackerRank Jobs", meant specifically for programmers. This, the company believes, will create a "new standard" for coders. This is probably the first time a recruitment platform has been created that focuses only on programmers.

The HackerRank Jobs app currently shows jobs available only in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, and Bengaluru in India. It has plans to expand the coverage to include more regions by March-end.

This newly launched beta app will prove to be a handy tool for students of engineering and recruiters around the world. The new app focuses on lesser average response time, better visuals, curated listings, transparency, crisper job and company description, code challenge and guaranteed communication from a possible recruiter within a time-frame depending on the company.

Detailing the features of HackerRank Jobs, product manager Arpit Maheshwari told IBTimes India the new app is "everything about making sense to the developer". He also said there are currently around 33 companies — 18 from India and 15 from the US — whose jobs can be browsed in the app and this, he promises, will eventually increase.

The app boasts of a one-click gateway where users can choose the company and solve the code challenge specific to the company. Once an applicant has cleared the code challenge, a message will be communicated to its recruiter on a live dashboard. The recruiter must either schedule an interview or respond to the applicant in five days. And the applicants will be notified in case they do not make it to the next round.

Maheshwari also said the app will be high on quality and the job profiles will not be inactive. He added that HackerRank is working closely with companies that are currently listed.

"I, being a programmer and having faced a similar situation while looking for a job, was inspired by it to solve this issue for programmers and establish a better ecosystem," Harishankaran Karunanidhi, co-founder of HackerRank, said in a statement. He explained aim was to "create an app that will join both the ends of the system" keeping in mind both the coder and the recruiter.

HackerRank was founded in 2009 and went on to become the only India-based company to be selected to the prestigious Y-combinator startup programme. 

The HackerRank Jobs app is currently available for iOS and Android devices.