It feels like Ha Ji Won and Chen Bolin are telepathic. The actors, who seem to share much in common, posted similar pictures on Instagram, sparking dating rumours. While Chen Bolin hasn't yet commented, Korean actress Ha Jin Won spoke about her alleged relationship with the actor.

During a recent press conference, Ha Jin Won stated that the Taiwanese actor and she share a very professional relationship and nothing else. We might add that the two even share the same taste in animals and both of them have feline pets.

Rumours about the two started when they posted pictures of their cats, Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss" and snapshots of the sky.

"I don't know Chen Bolin. We met because of a movie once. We started following each other on social media then," Soompi quoted Ha Ji Won as saying. 

The actress further stated that she is amused at the similarities in both their posts, but confirmed that there is nothing more to it.

"It was funny to see the post of all our similar Instagram pictures. I thought, 'how is it possible to piece these together?'" She further explained, "The Klimt's 'Kiss' is a puzzle I received from Ha Jung Woo. The cat is my cat named Nyang."

The actress responded to questions at a press conference held for her latest drama series, "The Time We Were Not in Love." Chen Bolin plays the lead as Choi Won in the show.