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If you think tying a pony or man bun before hitting the gym is the best thing because the celebrities do – you're wrong.

Though people with long hair prefer tying their hair tight before working out to keep the hair away from getting into their eyes, an expert warned that these hairstyles can make you bald.

Following such hairstyles while the person is sweating can be bad for the hair, a Daily Mail report cautioned, quoting a trichologist.

Anabel Kingsley -- a member of the Institute of Trichologists said that 'tight hairstyles' can put too much traction on the hair and it can lead to traction alopecia in rare cases.

Traction alopecia mainly happens because of too much strain on the hair follicle. It is entirely under the control of the person and can be easily prevented. Hairstyles like tight buns, braids, ponytails and even extensions, can result in hair loss.

 However, if the follicles are damaged way too much, it may result in permanent hair loss.

Kingsley said: "Initially, this can cause breakage and may even pull strands out. If done repeatedly over a long period of time, permanent hair loss can occur. This type of hair loss is called 'traction alopecia'."

She added: "As a rule of thumb if a style hurts your scalp – it will likely be damaging to your hair."

She also said that it's better to go for a loose hairstyle that wouldn't harm the hair while the person is working out.

 "Overly tight hairstyles, such as wearing your hair in tight ponytail or braid, can put too much traction on the hair and hair follicle," Kingsley warned.