man crawls in tunnel of human faeces to save four adorable puppies
Man crawls in tunnel of human faeces to save four adorable puppiesScreenshot/Youtube

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes; tall, short, well-built, lanky, clean and even shit-covered. A young man from Thailand crawled through a tunnel of human faeces to rescue four adorable puppies amidst jeering from friends gathered around him.

His action takes the term "man's best friend" to a whole new level and proves that amidst stories of violence and killings, humanity still gives us shining examples of what is right in the world.

Uploaded by user "fuub" on Live Leak, the 43 second video, "Puppy Rescue was a Shit Job ..... Literally", shows a dog-lover going above and beyond to save the lives of four adorable puppies.

"He crawls 100 metres up and down a river of shit, puts up with the jokes, to rescue some puppies.. Can you imagine the stench ....," reads the description.

The video begins with the hero clad in a pair of shorts, sliding out, belly-down from within the tunnel of human faeces as his friends giggle from behind the camera. With a small flashlight held securely in his mouth, he comes out of the tunnel.

He drags out the four adorable puppies with their tails as he comes out and they can be heard whining.

He turns to the camera and poses with a victory sign after taking the flashlight off his mouth, as his friend calls out to him. He hands over the flashlight to a friend, who tosses it away while picking up three of the puppies.

The hero hands over the last puppy to another friend and tries to rub a little bit of the faeces off him and adjust his shorts.

The video ends with the hero and his friends taking the four puppies to safety.