Tovino Thomas and Chethan Jayalal in GuppyGuppy/Facebook

Malayalam movie Guppy, released on August 5 in theatres in Kerala, couldn't perform well at the box office even though it had then garnered positive response from critics and audience. However, the movie-goers in the state have been lauding the team of Guppy now, but only after the DVD of the Tovino Thomas-starrer was out recently.

Following the DVD release, many have been sharing positive reviews and sending messages to its cast and crew regretting not watching the movie in theatres. Now, Tovino, has come forward with a Facebook post, asking if the audience will watch Guppy in theatres if it is re-released in Kerala.

"I am asking as per the request of the producer. Many told they felt sorry for not watching Guppy in theatres. Were those your sincere opinions? Should we re-release the movie? Will you watch it in theatres? I am asking this question as many are watching Guppy on laptops and mobiles though it was made with a quality apt for a good theatre experience [translated from Malayalam]," Tovino posted on his Facebook page.

Actor Aju Varghese and Shine Tom Chacko have also shared the Facebook post of Tovino. 

Soon after Guppy started getting good audience response with the DVD release, Tovino had requested the audience to support good movies that might bring a lot of change in Malayalam. "I wish what if the audience had believed us and watched Guppy in theatre? Since it was not a superhit movie in Kerala, it was not screened outside the state. Still, I have no complaints and not pointing fingers at anyone. But I wish good films don't face this in future. A lot of changes might happen if Malayalam films get good audience support," he added.

Guppy revolves around the story of Appu (Chethan Jayalal), who sells aquarium fish for his livelihood. The childhood experiences he face are being narrated in the film, which also stars Sreenivasan, Dileesh Pothen, Rohini, Alancier Ley and Noby in pivotal roles. The movie is the production venture of E4 Entertainment.

Here is the Facebook post of Tovino Thomas asking if the makers should re-release Guppy in Kerala: