Gun 'N' Roses fans across the globe are finally cherishing this moment that they have been waiting for almost two decades. Singer Axl Rose and guitarist Slash have put their differences behind and have started talking again. This has now made way for Guns 'N' Roses reunion tour, which will happen in 2016.

The creators of "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "November Rain" will come together to headline next year's edition of Coachella Music And Arts Festival, which is expected to take place on 15-17 April and 22-24 April in California.

The last time original band line-up played was at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires on 17 July, 1993.

It has also been reported that the band is also gearing up for a stadium tour that will include over 25 venues across North America, next summer. According to Billboard, GN'R is also scheduled to be one of the first acts to play at the Las Vegas Arena, which will open on 6 April.

The reported stated that the band is asking a whopping amount of $3 million per show and the ticket prices range between $250 and $275.

The rumours of the band's reunion started swirling when a brief clip showing Guns 'N' Roses performing in front of a crowd at the concert with "Welcome to the Jungle" tune playing in the background was showed during the screening of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" recently. The clip also flashed the band's original logo.

And soon after, the band's website was revamped with the homepage boasting the old "guns-wrapped-in-roses" logo. And their official Facebook page now has a new profile picture with a cover photo of a crowd -- major clues that point at the possibility of Guns 'N' Roses being back and all reunited.

More details about the reunion tour will be announced at the band's official website. To know about the latest Guns 'N' Roses reunion tour updates, confirmed dates and tickets, visit