Gulnora Mukhedinova
Gulnora Mukhedinova

It's strenuous in this competitive world to be captivated by your passion and to do something which is phenomenal and exceptional to do.

It requires a lot of motivation to pursue a career in an extremely disparate profession.

But she stood like an eminent lead.

Gulnora Mukhedinova is a resident of Dubai, U.A.E. She is extremely ambitious for her love of art, fashion and beauty. She left no stones unturned and gave her unsurpassed efforts to permute her zone of interest into her career. She pursued her career in almost all forms of arts available and started her professional career at Baravia Beauty Center in 2015. After the success of her in the beauty industry, she started working dynamically and started her own fashion boutique under the name Baravia Fashion in 2018. And she has many feathers in her crown like she is an Ambassador of International peace and Sponsored Miss Arab Beauty Contest 2018 and many more such feathers to add on.

With a good number of Instagram followers she is a leading example for many women, around and setting a benchmark for them to understand that following passion is all you need to stride mountains and come overall the hurdles in your path. Her hard work and determination are really appreciable. May destiny blesses her with all the gold and stars in the future.

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