Rohan Pandya
Rohan Pandya

It is said Gujaratis are Entrepreneurs from birth itself. At present, our Prime Minister, Home Minister, Large Industries all are under the control of Gujaratis. During such an era of dominance of Gujaratis, How can any Gujarati miss making a name in blogging. Rohan Pandya is one such of an Entrepreneur Blood from Vadodara, who is driving people crazy with his love, passion, blog, and page 'Don't Get Serious'!

The journey of Rohan Pandya as a blogger started in the year 2014. In January 2014, Rohan came through the term blogging. He was pursuing his Masters of Business Administration at that time. Like every Gujju, Rohan also had a dream of doing something big.

This was the beginning of a unique blogging platform. In 2014, blogging was a new term in Digital Marketing. Rohan researched about it and launched his blog and Facebook page Don't Get Serious. He started getting a good response from the fans of his page. Due to the popularity, he quickly reached a few thousand followers in just 6 months of the launch.

"Getting support from people gave a boost to my confidence. It was extremely vital otherwise I might have given up on blogging!" Rohan thanks his initial fans who wholeheartedly supported the page.

When you will ask Rohan, what is the reason for the popularity of Don't Get Serious, he proudly says,

"The main purpose of Don't Get Serious is to relieve the pressure from the minds of people. We provide information to the people in simple language and on a lighter note. People go through a lot in their life on a daily basis. What we want, is people smile whenever they see our name popping in their newsfeed."

However, like every entrepreneur, Rohan also faced a lot of challenges. And the first challenge aroused as soon as Rohan completed his Masters. On one hand, Rohan was firm on his decision to give his entire time for growing Don't Get Serious. While, on the other hand, his parents were forcing him to take up a corporate job like his other friends.

Hence, Rohan agreed to his parent's decision and took up a corporate job. But, the 9 to 5 Job couldn't stop Rohan from pursuing his dream. After office, he used to spend his time for Don't Get Serious community. Like many other bloggers, the night was his favorite them when he continued entertaining people through his blogs.

Very soon, he started getting the results. After spending 1.5 years in corporate life, Rohan left his job and decided to give his entire time to Don't Get Serious. By then, his page already grew too large numbers and it was getting millions of hits per month.

"To be a successful blogger, it is necessary to have proper knowledge of SEO and Google Algorithms. Your content must be written following the best SEO practices. Hence, it is necessary to remain in touch with the changes in Algorithms. It will ensure that you stay top on Google Pages." Rohan's advice to aspiring bloggers.

Apart from that, he also started Brand associations. At present, Don't Get Serious is associated with leading brands such as PayTM Mall, Amazon Prime, BYJUs, Leading TV Shows, E-Commerce Websites, etc. With all these associations, Rohan took Don't Get Serious to the next level.

Rohan didn't stop here. In the year 2019, Don't Get Serious is a Social Media Partner for 8 Movies viz. Angel Has Fallen, 47 Meters Down, Rambo: Last Blood, Hustlers, Diego Maradona (Documentary), The Current War, Midway, and 21 Bridges.

Although getting so much of success, Rohan is still laying a lot of efforts to grow Don't Get Serious and take it to the next level. As per his vision, Don't Get Serious will reach 10 Million Fans in the year 2021. Apart from that, he is also having some huge plans on the top of his head.

We all have a vision or passion for something. But there are only a few, who follow their passion to such an extent and achieve success. And as Rohan proudly says, "Don't Get Serious has a long way to go!"