Lakhs of members of Gujarat's Patel community gathered at the GMDC ground in Ahmedabad for a mega rally on Tuesday to demand reservation for its youth in government jobs and educational institutions. 

Hardik Patel, who has become the face of the Patel campaign in Gujarat, led the rally convened by the Patidar Aarakshan Andolan Samiti, which he had formed last month.

He and other leaders have gone on a fast unto death unless Gujarat CM Anandi Patel personally receives their memorandum.

Patel has also warned none other than prime Minister Narendra Modi that unless the government fulfils their demand for an OBC quota, the Patel community 'will not let the lotus blossom in the 2017 Assembly elections', referring to the BJP's symbol. 

The city of Ahmedabad was nearly shut down as paramilitary forces were called in to ensure there is no law and order problems. Protesters clashed with the police, who used tear gas and and also reportedly lathi-charged them.  



  • The police lathi-charged protesters during the Patel rally. 
  • The Ahmedabad police are reportedly using tear gas to control the rally after clashes broke out.
  • The protesters are likely to return to the GMDC grounds in Ahmedabad from the collector's office.
  • Though the collector has offered to collect the memorandum from the protesters and forward it to the government, the Patidar leaders have said they will break their fast only when CM Anandi Patel takes it from them personally.
  • Thousands showed up for the Patidar rally on Tuesday.


  • The District Magistrate of Ahmedabad has said he they will accept the memorandum of the Patel community and give it to the government.
  • The protestors are reportedly forcing shopkeepers to pull down their shutters, according to the Times of India. 
  • Protesters are reportedly taking the rally to the collector's office in Ahmedabad. 


  • The Patel community has threatened to go on a hunger strike until Gujarat chief minister Anandi Patel accepts their memorandum for an OBC quota.
  • "We do not belong to any political party. We belong to the Patidar community," Patel said.
  • "We are not begging, we are asking for our rights," says Patel.
  • Hardik Patel hits out at PM Narendra Modi.

If the government doesn't fulfil our demand, we will not let the lotus blossom in 2017," he said at the rally. 

  • School and colleges have voluntarily shut for the day ahead of the rally on Tuesday, as per reports.