A Hindu outfit on Sunday issued an order barring Muslims from entering the venue of Garba events during the forthcoming Navratri festival in Mandvi town of Gujarat's Kutch district to curb "love jihad" incidents.

"We have issued a diktat barring the entry of Muslims at Garba events in Mandvi," president of Hindu Yuva Sangthan Raghuvirsingh Jadeja said. Jadeja also happens to be the chief of Vishwa Hindu Parishad's Mandvi unit. 

"Incidents of love jihad where Muslim boys lure and marry our Hindu girls happen at Garba. Our only aim is to protect our girls," he told PTI.

He said that they will spread the ban to other areas as well if the organisers agree.

"We are getting a good response from the people and if the people from other regions respond to this movement, then we will spread it to their regions as well," Jadeja said.

He further said that the members of his organistion will check for tilak on men's forehead and spray cow urine on them. "If a person does not apply tilak and hesitates to be sprayed with Gaumutra, he will not be allowed to go inside."

"My people would do patrolling outside and inside Garba events and if they find any non-Hindus, they would exclude them," he said.