Hardik Patel, the leader of the Patel community's fight for reservation in government jobs and educational institutes, was detained in Surat, Gujarat, on Saturday as he reportedly tried to lead a march. 

Patel had called for a 'Ekta Yatra' march from the Mangadh Chowk in Surat, but the Gujarat government had denied permission.

Hardik Patel and 78 other protesters were detained in Surat and were taken to the Varachha police station, from where they were moved to the Surat police headquarters, ANI news agency reported.

Internet services in Surat have also been suspended for 24 hours, the agency said. Mobile internets services were also suspended across the state. 

"We have decided to ban mobile internet service in the state to tackle the law and order situation and to curb the rumours across Gujarat for an indefinite period," director general of police PC Thakur told the Press Trust of India.

Patel accused the BJP-led Gujarat government of attempting to muzzle the Patel agitation. 

This is an attempt to muzzle our peaceful agitation by the state government. We will not give up and will continue our agitation peacefully. ''

Patel, 22, had called a massive rally last month demanding an OBC quota for the Patidar community, which had led to days of violence and unrest across Gujarat, forcing the state government to bring in armed forces to maintain law and order. 

At least five people were killed in the violence in Gujarat after clashes erupted between members of the Patel community and the police. 

Hardik Patel formed the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti in July to demand reservation for Patel youths in government jobs and educational institutions, claiming that they are unable to find employment. 

The Patel community comprises about 15% of the state's population.