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A Gujarat boy has reportedly scored full marks for Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) Class XII Economics examination, as the paper was apparently checked by him.

The student, identified as Harshad Sarvaiya, reportedly "checked" the answer sheets of Geography and Economics exams with red ink before handing them over to invigilators. An alert examiner noticed the irregularity while checking the answer sheet of Geography, and he ended up with only 34 marks in it. However, his act was not noticed by examiners who checked the Economics paper. Reports also suggest Sarvaiya didn't mention the total marks on the front pages to avoid being caught by the invigilators.

"To avoid suspicion, the boy had not marked the total on the main page. But the group of seven teachers that was supposed to assess each question and put their signature should spotted the anomaly. The teachers just did the total and endorsed the boy's paper assessment by putting 100/100 as the final total," GSHSEB secretary (examination) GD Patel was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

His daring act came to the notice of the authorities after the software the board uses to show mismatching results pointed out that he had scored low marks for other subjects. He reportedly got only 13 in Gujarati, 12 in English, 4 in Sanskrit, 20 in Sociology and 5 in Psychology. If proven guilty, the class XII student will have to face strict punishment.

"This is a serious lapse and show-cause notice has been issued to teachers concerned," Patel said.