Guinness World Records is a reference book that is published each year. It publishes various world records achieved in the respective year that includes both human achievements and wonders of natural world.

The records range from some of the most unique and surprising ones to those which are shocking and quirky. There have been disputes regarding the authenticity of the records published by the book, but it has all been clarified by the publication.

On the eve of Guinness World Records Day on Sunday, here are some of the most amazing world records that has been enlisted by the book in its 2015 issue.

Longest usable golf club

Karsten Maa, 49, is a Danish trick-golf artist who created the world's longest usable golf club measuring 14ft 5in in length. The club has been used to drive a ball at a distance of 165.46m.

Farthest arrow shot with feet

Nancy Siefker, 29, is a circus artist from California who made it to Guinness World Records 2015 book for the farthest arrow shot using her feet. She is able to shoot an arrow of 6.09m onto a target measuring 5.5. inches.

Largest collection of James Bond memorabilia

Nick Bennett of Lancashire secured a place in the book by owning the largest collection of James Bond memorabilia that includes a whooping 12,463 franchise items.

World's smallest caravan

London's Yannick Read, 43, built the world's smallest caravan that measures 2.39m in length, 1.53m high and 0.79m wide. The caravan is fully roadworthy and can easily accommodate a bedroom space for one person.

World's longest tongue

Nick Stoeberl, 24, who hails from California, has an entry in the book for having the longest tongue that measures 10.1cm from its tip to the middle of the closed top lip.

Longest jump by cat

This cat named Alley belongs from United States and has her name in the book for the longest jump by a cat at six feet.