Ryse: Son of Rome
Ryse: Son of Rome’s Gladiator mode.crytek.com

This guide to Ryse: Son of Rome's Gladiator Mode shows how to get 100,000 XP (experience points) per game. The Gladiator Mode is the game's cooperative play, adding melee combat and Quick Time Events.

Attack of the Fanboy guides us telling us to choose a God and rather than buying Diana that will grant bonus XP players we must opt for Jupiter. Jupiter will allow players to get extra focus time since this is necessary for getting more combos that will eventually result in more XP.

If players want to go ahead in Gladiator Mode, then they have to get more combos which can be gained with high scores.  Players have to push the LB button after the combo ends which will allow it to go for another 20 seconds. If the combo starts to flash, then players must click the LB button and must go on. This technique can reportedly be followed for a big continuous combo that can be initiated from the start of the round to its finish.

Since players will be playing Jupiter, there will be lot of focus and this will be an added advantage where players can link their combos and use the focus to slow down the enemies.

Players have to choose play online co-op on Classical Rome with two players. This will make it easy for player to play and link the combos and two can share the challenges.

Players will also have to look out for archers in Classical Rome as they can cut short the combo. Players have to stand directly below the archers disabling them to kill you with their arrows. The remaining enemy soldiers are to be killed before proceeding to the archers above.

So in conclusion, players will have to select Classical Rome on co-op. Jupiter must be the opted God and attacking archers must be watched out for. Players must use their special ability with RB button but they should not be killed as these soldiers are needed for executions that will refill player focus. Players also have to keep using LB button to extent the combo.