A Woman Tries the Silver Colored Version of the New iPhone 5S After Apple Inc's Media Event in Cupertino, California
A woman tries the silver colored version of the new iPhone 5S after Apple Inc's media event in Cupertino, California, September 10, 2013.Reuters

iCloud Keychain is one of the new features included in the latest Apple OS: iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks.

The feature syncs users' Safari website usernames and passwords, credit card information and Wi-Fi network information across their Apple devices.

List of information iCloud Keychain syncs:

- Safari websites username and passwords

- Credit card information

- Wi-Fi network info such as SSIDs and passwords

- Main, contacts, calendar and Messages (For Mac only)

- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other website accounts (Mac only)

The information is stored and sent on air using 256-bit AES encryption. It is also noted that every time a user adds a new device to iCloud Keychain, other devices will ask for the user's request for synchronisation.

Following are the steps to Set up the iCloud Security Code:

When the user upgrades his or her device to iOS 7.0.3, the device will ask for a set up. One can do it manually by going into settings > iCloud and turning-on Keychain.

1. After the user turns on the iCloud Keychain, iOS will ask to set up an iCloud Security code. This security code is used to set up KeyChain on new devices.

2. If the user chooses to create a new code, iOS will ask for a 4-digit pin. A higher security level can be implemented by going into "Advanced Options".

3. The user is asked to re-enter the code.

4. After re-entering the code, the next page asks for the user's country code and phone number, which is needed by Apple to send an SMS to verify the user's identity when using the iCloud Security Code.

Using iCloud Keychain

1. Go to a website's login screen and enter the login credentials.

2. User can ask Safari to generate a safe password when signing up on a website using the "Suggest Password" button.

3. It has been noted that some of the websites do not allow Safari to AutoFill passwords. The user would be unable to use this feature on that website with default settings.

4. To override this hurdle, users can go to Settings>Safari>Passwords and AutoFill and enable the "Always Allow" tab.

Note: Since the iCloud Keychain requires the user's iTunes password, security code and SMS verification, when setting up iCloud Keychain in a new device, is will be a convenient yet useful feature for security conscious users.

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