Apple users who have moved to Google's Android operating system might find it difficult to sync their iTunes collection with their new Android devices.

Instead of leaving their music files behind in their iOS devices, users can instead upload to the new OS using Google's Music Manager. Any song added to iTunes can also be automatically added to Google Play music library.

Since the files go into Google's cloud storage, one would have to depend on the date network for listening to music.

Following are some steps users can follow to upload music to their Android devices instead of using the internet route.

Following instructions are only for Windows PC.

Download Google Music Manager

- Go to Google Play Music in the web browser from the Windows operating PC.

- Click the "My Music" option seen on the top left side.

- Then Click on "Upload Music" option towards the top right.

- Click on the "Download Music Manager" followed by "Save File".

- The user would have to wait for the Music Manager to download.

- Once the downloading process is complete > Open the Music Manager Installation file.

- Click "Run" if prompted.

Upload your iTunes music to your Google Play music library

- Click "Next" on the Music Manager setup introduction.

- Sign in to the Google Account.

- Once signed in, the user will see a few options as to where the music collection should be kept. Chose iTunes and click "Next".

- Select "Upload all songs and playlists."

- The user will have an option whether or not, the files added on iTunes will be uploaded to Google Play Music library in the future .

- Click "Next" on the tip window.

- Click "Close" to finish setup.

- The "Go to music player" will now have the iTunes music files in the Google Play music library.

Download Music from Google Play onto Your Android Device

- Open Play Music app in the Android device.

- Find the particular album or artiste title which is to be downloaded.

- Tap over three small vertical arranged dots at the right side of the album or artiste name.

- Tap on "Keep on device" option and the music will be downloaded.

The downloaded file will be seen as a small orange pin symbol on the bottom right of the title.

[Disclaimer: The above mentioned steps are not guaranteed to work exactly as stated. International Business Times would not be responsible for any loss of data from the device while implementing the steps. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk. More details can be seen from here (TheUnlockr)]