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Besides the Google Experience Launcher, which is an exclusive feature for Google Nexus 5, the new Google Dialer application in Android 4.4 Kitkat OS is also available for other handsets.

The Google Dialer, which has been only seen in Nexus devices and Google Play Edition devices running Kitkat, comes with a smart caller ID feature that shows the contact number of the companies that call the user. The Dialer also includes an additional search feature from within the Dialer.

This app can be now installed manually on any device running Android Kitkat OS, as discovered by Android Police. The installation can be done by rooting the device.

Users can install the Google Kitkat Dialer by following the steps mentioned below:

-Before beginning, the device should be rooted and running either an official or custom Kitkat ROM.

-Download either the APK file or the .zip file from below. The APK file is taken directly from Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

Flashable .zip file download links (file size 2.4MB)

Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

APK File (file size 4.8MB)

Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

-Flash the .zip file in custom recovery mode or copy the APK file directly into /system/priv-app.

-If working with the APK file, the user would need to set the permissions on the APK to 644 after moving it into the designated folder. This can be done either by a file manager app or via a shell.

-Reboot the device.

[Disclaimer: The above mentioned steps are not guaranteed to work exactly as stated. International Business Times would not be responsible for any loss of data from the device while implementing the steps. Users are advised to proceed at their own riskMore details can be seen from here (Android Police)]

It has also been stated that the users can install the Google Kitkat Dialer without rooting but would not be able to make calls. Users would not be able to disable the Dialer app once installed because doing that will prevent users from receiving calls.