Hacker "Guccifer," who dubbed himself a 'Politicians and celebrities' worst nightmare' was arrested by the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism.

"Guccifer" or "Little Smoke", whose real name is Marcel Lazar Lehe, rose to fame after a series of hacking activities that led to the release of some embarrassing personal information such as an alleged nude self-portrait of former American President George Bush, revealing an affair between politician Corina Cretu and former US secretary of state Colin Powell. However, in his most recent hacking leaks, he released the social security number of the President Barack Obama.

The special raid that was carried by the anti-crime department along with the help of US authorities, arrested Guccifer from Arad, a popular tourist locale in Western Romania. He is also suspected to have broken into the email account of Intelligence Service director George Maior, the local Romanian daily Hot News reported.

US President Also Not Spared!

Earlier in February,2013, Guccifer hacked into the email id of Dorothy Bush Koch,the sister of former president George H. W. Bush. And from  her account, he released some self potraits done by the former president Bush. The self potraits showed the former president semi nude in the showerSince then US authorities have been on his trail. In September, Little Smoke disclosed and leaked the personal social security number of Obama as well, and that quickly put him on the FBI's close watch-list.

A long list of law breaking

Guccifer has been able to hack into accounts of celebrities, industrialists and politicians from other countries as well. Reports suggest that he had hacked into accounts of Robert Redford and Warren Beatty, and the personal email addresses of Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman.

Some of his victims include actor Steve Martin, former Nixon aide John Dean, actress Mariel Hemingway, three members of the House of Lords, and the head of MetLife, an insurance group with annual turnover of $60 billion. He is also charged with breaking into the email accounts of users of Comcast, Cox, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Earthlink and Verizon.