GTA 5 DLC Could Feature San Andreas' CJ
GTA 5 DLC Could Feature San Andreas' CJRockstar

After the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) for gamers worldwide, rumors and reveals have been shifted towards its upcoming online mode. A few files have been reportedly accessed, resulting in the number of leaks for GTA 5 Online.

The game's configuration settings files revealed that the Microsoft Xbox 360 version of GTA 5 Online would support up to 32 players at a time. However, Xbox generally has room for only 16 players at a time, reported Cinemablend. The game is also said to feature a Freemode for all 32 players without any teaming options. Other details of this mode are yet to be disclosed.

Another features in the game is the Co-op mode, which is said to support only two players and is expected to be the story-mode of the online game. The Co-op mode is said to be similar to the likes of Saints Row, where two players are free to roam around and perform everyday activities.

Three other modes for the game, Deathmatch (DM), Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Races mode are also expected to support 32 players, according to the configuration files. The details of these modes are not yet known. TD is expected to feature a minimum of two teams.

The Cops and Crooks mode in GTA 5 Online seems to have a two-gang or a cop option. This mode also supports 32 players.

Missions and Activities

A mission, Battle Buddies, has been revealed where a player can call his or her friends to get a backup for a mission. Multiple military and prison activities are also found in the game, one of which is to kill an army guy using a sniper. It is also said that the mission can be a part of the Cops and Crook mode.

Another Cops and Crooks mission requires a player to kill another online player, regardless if he/she is a thug or a cop, and it is up to the cops to track down the killer. Other missions include stealing a boat, boarding another enemy boat, eliminating the enemy on the boat before the cops arrive, blowing up a strip club with the help of a car bomb and stealing cash if a player's safe house is attacked by other players.

Prestige metres for the cops are also available. If a cop performs terribly in a series of missions, then he would be given missions of lower levels. The cops will have a scanner which could identify stolen vehicles. So if a player is riding on a stolen car, chances are that a police unit may be assigned to arrest him. It also seems that there are different uniforms for different ranks of police officers.

A player's role as a cop will be required in one of the activities to arrest other players in the game.

Majority of the missions are said to revolve around the cops in the game under the Cops and Crooks mode. Since the online version is yet to get released, more number of features and activities can be added in the game. The 32 player or 16 player game-play is still under question and will only be revealed on 1 October 2013.