GTA movie
BBC has released video trailer of upcoming GTA TV series. (Representative Image)Facebook

BBC has unveiled a 30-second-long trailer of an upcoming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) TV drama that is based on the company, Rockstar, which created the popular game.

The trailer, titled "The Gamechangers", shows two players in action. Player 1 (Daniel Radcliffe of the "Harry Potter" fame) is seen playing Sam Houser, president of Rockstar, while Player 2 (Bill Paxton of the "Apollo 13" fame) playing Jack Thompson, an US attorney who launched a campaign against the game series as he believes morally unacceptable practises have been espoused in the game. The movie is set in the "90s and early 2000's".

The movie is being helmed by Owen Harris of the "Misfits" and "Black Mirror" fame, two popular UK dramas. James Wood of "Ambassadors" has penned it.

"The Gamechangers" will deal with the vast success that Rockstar received on the series after it released GTA 3. There will be two movies in the series, with the first part expected to be rolled out on 15 September, 2015, in the UK and the second one is slated to be released sometime in 2016, according to reports. It will be aired on BBC Two at 9 pm on 15 September.

The new trailer was released even as BBC faces a lawsuit filed by Rockstar. Rockstar had said in a statement that its "goal" was to see that there is no misuse of trademarks in "BBC's pursuit of an unofficial depiction of purported events related to Rockstar Games". It also noted that it had tried to "resolve" it but since there was no "meaningful resolution", it took the litigation road.

BBC said in a press release that "this drama is for an adult audience and has not been authorised by the producers of Grand Theft Auto. It is reportedly based on court documents and interviews with many of those involved in the real events behind this compelling story," The Guardian reported.

Rockstar Games was founded in 1998 by British producers Sam Houser, Dan Houser, Terry Donovan, Jamie King and Gary Foreman.